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Sensorlog provides significant time and cost savings for the following business sectors.

Integration Platform


The SensorLog Cloud Hosted Data historian will allow users to quickly connect control, building & energy monitoring systems to Sensorlog.
Access to your data is through our secure site and users can take advantage of our standard tools for presentation, analysis and alerting.
Make you data available to your knowledge and business partners to extract value and ROI.

Integration Platform


An exceptionally effective and reliable tool for fast and economic field deployment of the very best wireless Devices & Sensors by the leading industry OEM.


Leverages more from an asset investment. In addition to traditional core measurement data, latest devices offer additional application as well as device health data that delivers real value when the hard questions are asked!


Do not re-invent the wheel. We advocate the principle that our partners from OEM manufacturers, Distributors and End-Users can visualise what they understand to be important.

Our product enables users to reach out to the specialist who can efficiently analyse things like device health, network performance OR fiscal billing data directly via. the web interface, manual download OR in-directly via. automated transfer to 3rd Party S/W tools.


To compliment our product offerings we provide a comprehensive set of services to help customers develop a complete solution.

Project Management

We have experience in delivering projects in the automation, integrated IT and software sectors, and use this as part of our own project delivery and as service to customers.

Support and Service

We will also provide customers with on-going support and development services to develop and maintain and keep current any solutions developed.

Project Analysis and Requirements Definition

We work with our clients and customers to explore the options available to develop and deliver the best solutions. We assist in defining the product and project requirements, and the produce the outline design to meet these requirements.

Software Development

We provide all levels of software development capability from embedded and communciation processor right through to SaaS hosted applications.

System Integration

We will design and implement the system integration required to build the connected system of devices and sensors. We work with technology partners to provide hardware and software solutions to meet specific challenges.


We will design the communications mechanism to interconnect the source systems, be this over wired or wireless communication networks.

Features & Benefits

To compliment our product offerings we provide a comprehensive set of services to help customers develop a complete solution.


SAAS pricing models that enable even the smallest data collection projects to be quickly and economically implemented


Application built from the ground up to leverage distributed cloud environment and provide data redundancy, scalability, and performance.


Secure data transmission and data access allows for ease of mind and collaboration on your data with your partners.


Powerful but easy to use API, and access to our visualisation components facilitates fast application development or OEM deployment


To compliment our product offerings we provide a comprehensive set of services to help customers develop a complete solution.

Device and Sensor connectivity framework

Our core offering is a conectivity framework that allows you to build applications that leverage an existing data transfer and storage infrastructure. By doing this you can quickly build solutions that integrate your devices with the internet and provide your end users with value. Central to this, is a hosted solution for real-time data storage. This is based on emerging cloud technologies and allows us to build a data storage platform that provides:

  • Redundant and scalable data storage
  • High performance data stroage capable of high volume data writes and reads
  • Secure data transmission

Access to data is provided via a REST API that allows users to easily populate and retrieve data-points and values to and from the system. We also provide standard interfaces that utilise industry protocols to connect directly to devices and transfer data to our storage infrastructure. High performance data storage capable of high volume data writes and reads. The same API can be used to retrieve data into user and 3rd party applications for analysis and visualisation, or, SensorLog components can be used within own user applications. A direct application of this framework presented as a complete product offering, is the SensorLog Cloud Hosted Data Historian.


  • Automated Meter Reading
  • Network Pressure Monitoring
  • Develop and deploy Machine-2-Machine and Machine-2-Person and Mobile data applications.
  • ‘Value Add’ your equipment and enable Data
  • Collection and reporting out of the box, and remotely support your customers.
  • Build Internet-collaborative solutions for your data and systems
  • Participate in the ‘Internet of Things’ and enable your hardware with our data solutions and applications


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